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What are the top SEO areas where webmasters make mistakes?

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Are you aware of some common SEO areas where most of the webmasters make biggest and most devastating mistakes?
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Following some stupid advises promising fast gain in PR and Rankings.

"No pain no gain" is what it takes to make SEO work.
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Webmaster making mistakes to gain/loss the rankings

1. Creation of personal website networks.
2. Investing on Paid links
3. Buying High PR authority niche websites.
4. The content from the poor content developers
5. Sponsored reviews
6. SMO - Paid signals
7. Buying website traffic from the fake targeted/adult/alexa traffic providers

But all those efforts, Webmasters are taking to beat the Search Engines!
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Posting content below the fold hoping to fool the search engine making it index that content Smile
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Wow thanks you all for your replies. How about posting duplicate content.
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The biggest mistakes by seo Not including the right words on the page, Not using free online resources to learn about how Google works and what SEO is about, Not having a website at all…or having a website that is not “crawlable”, Forgetting to think about the title and description of your most important pages.

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