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What are the top SEO factors?

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Google seo is so complicated and has so many factors that influence the website ranking right but what are the top 5 or top 10 ones?
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#1 Make your website crawlable (you are not blocking GoogleBot) so that Google will be able to crawl it more efficiently.
#2 Make sure to use keywords relevant to your website niche.
#3 Backlinks
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1) indexing
2) backlink
this two topic is basic top 2
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Content and information on your website, Its responsive web design, indexing. low download time, and good back linking are some prime factors of optimization.
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According to google content is king for seo you must use unique & relevant content for doing seo & also for making website.As unique content use to crawl easily in any search engine.
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Use the right keywords for your niche.
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On-Page Keywords
Social Media Accounts
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Here are some main factors.
Backlinks – correlations are decreasing
Keywords are becoming increasingly obsolete
User experience – beyond the desktop
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Make the content of your website which can really attract the visitors and got their attention in reading them. Then also build some quality links like guest blogging, press release and give social signals.
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I think regular indexing and high ranking in search engine.
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(08-12-2015 03:33 PM)zorro Wrote:  Google SEO is so complicated and has so many factors that influence the website ranking right but what are the top 5 or top 10 ones?

Consider under listed top SEO factors which will help to enhance website ranking:

Optimized webpage by title tag, meta description, image optimiztion etc.
Updated and unique content
URL structure
Internal linking
Social signals
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The main factors are:

Good quality content which encourages visitors to take the appropriate action
ON page SEO - ensuring that search engines understand what your website and its pages are all about
Backlinks - High quality backlinks from authority sites in your niche are by far the best.
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- Articles and also information on your website, Their sensitive web site design, indexing. small download period, and also very good back linking are generally a few perfect elements involving optimization.
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The top seo factor are
On page optimization
Off page optimization
Social Media .
Content Marketing.
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The most important thing that you should consider is to always honor community rules.
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Quality Content always play a crucial role in the optimization of the websites among main search engines.
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On page and Off page is a most important part of Search Engine optimization. You should see high quality content on your website after that you should see the website structure, proper design, appropriate place your URL. Whenever you will create back links, then you should see minimum 1 page rank social bookmarking site.
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1 keyword
2 traffic
3 best content
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unique keyword, quality content, on page optimization , off page optimization, social media
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On Page Seo And Off Page SEO 2 basic factors

Google this topic

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