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What are topical links in SEO?

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Hello friends,

Any one tell me, What are topical links in seo?
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I think topic means niche. And if so, then you should find sites related to that niche and get backlinks from it
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Topical links are the links which coming from niche relevant website of your site and also search engines like those type of niche related backlinks.
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Create links according to your website topic. As we all know links are counted as "votes" of popularity for search engines to rank websites. Read This Article to get detail information of topical links.-https://moz.com/blog/7-link-seo
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With search engines, topical relevance is mainly used in conjunction with backlinks (incoming links). Websites that carry similar content are said to have topical relevance. Backlinks from websites that are topically relevant have more impact on a website’s position in search results than backlinks from sites that are not related. Search engines assume that topically relevant links are used to offer users additional information that could be helpful. With unrelated links there is a high probability that they have been paid for or included for the purpose of improving a site’s position in search results.
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Thanks, Got It, I am hearing first time about it.

Google this topic

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