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What can I do?

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Hello, my website analyzedstock was made by me about 2 years ago. The content quality is good. I have about 250+ organic fb likes. I still don't have the required hits on my site. I have about 750-800 per month. I have good seo done on the site. There is no content spamming, everything is original. I even have decent Google ranks. About 2-3 page on common searches. The seo is also not going overboard, that is decent as well. Currently many people stay on the site for more than 15 minutes. What should I do to increase my site views? How much might have to approximately spend? What could be the money I might be making few months down the line.

All help is appreciated. Thanks.
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The traffic amount depends on the type of keywords you target!

Get better more professional theme looks very basic and not cool!

What do you do for backlinks?

PS. Please take full advantage of SMO!!!!
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for getting better seo you have to do the following things.

On-site seo
Off-Site Seo
Business listing submission
link building

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