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What do you know about RSS?

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Hlo Friends,
Tell me, What do you know about RSS?
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Google discontinued RSS reader case nobody uses RSS anymore.
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I see it most of the time. But never cared.
markb Offline referral

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RSS feed is a resource that shows the latest content from a source and the main thing about RSS is that it is automatically updated.
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The only time I used it was when I was doing #SEO for the client and it was part of it. It's great for sites that constantly pumping in fresh content like newspaper websites for instance for others I don't think so case it's not even crawled by Google.
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RSS is not dead and it is used in less numbers because it is not considered by Google and its basic use is to get the latest feed from the source when they do the update.
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RSS feed is something like of a table of contents or an organized links of all your topics or post in your blog or websites. Some of the blogs already have an RSS plugins that you can easily install it.

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