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What do you mean by Canonical Issues? How We can resolve?

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What do you mean by Canonical Issues? How We can resolve?
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Canonical is when you can access same page from different URLs. If this happens the page will get penalized for duplicate content.

You need to tell Google which is the default page to avoid penalty.

This is a common mistake webmasters do:


You need to put in here: site.com/whatever?&page=1

similar code:

<link rel="canonical" href="http://www.site.com/whatever/" />
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Canonical issues means your website have multiple duplicate URL. Canonical issues come from 301 redirect, when 301 redirect are not properly in place.

When a website several URL but content of all pages are same ie. called Canonical Issue in SEO.

For ex. A single URL contain more then 1 URL. If your website URL is http://http//www.abc.com and 301 redirect are not properly then your website contain several URL like http//www.abc.com/index.html but both pages content are same.

You can resolve the canonical issue with a permanent 301 redirect.
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Canonical URL is the process of avoiding the duplicate content problem by informing search engines about the original version of the web page. 301 redirection is performed to avoid canonical error.
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Canonical issues are one of the things that cause significant issues with search engine optimization.
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A canonical issue arises when 301 redirects are not properly in place.
Example : If you type "example .com" it will open. Also type "www. example .com" it will work. But technically both the url are different.

So Search engine feels like both have the same(duplicate) content. Which is not good for SEO point of view.

How to solve it :

Canonicalization can be fixed by redirecting both to a single url. Either example. com to www. example .com
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Canonical tags are used to declare a single page as its own source or for duplicate pages to reference their source / originating page. Search Engines use the canonical tag to combat duplicate content issues and assign search engine ranking value for that content to the page designated as the “source” URL.
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Individual webpage can be loaded from multiple URL's. Multiple pages have same content but different URL's. At that time google confused which is the genuine url, that's the reason resolve canonical issue.
.htacess file is used to solve canonical issue.

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