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What else from Forum Posting and Blog Commenting

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Many people make the mistake of assuming that blogs are newer than forums, and therefore better. In reality, a blog is little more than an ongoing series of articles or memoirs, and there’s nothing new about that. Articles are a type of one-way communication — simple presentation of facts or opinions. For example, the guides on this site are a perfect example of facts, while the editorials and reviews are opinion.

Beyond that, modern web articles tend to be carefully crafted for the readers — a heavy dose of journalism and light dusting of marketing. At key points in the article (and especially at the end of it), the reader is presented with various calls to action: Like Us on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter, Watch our YouTube Videos, Buy this from Amazon, Discuss this in the Forum, Read these related articles, etc.
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Articles, Guest Posting & Infographic submission are best alternative of above SEO techniques.

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