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What factors affect the websites ranking?

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Hlo Friends,
What factors affect the websites ranking?
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Duplicate content
Errors in search console
not follow the seo factors
bad backlinks
website speed
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Huge part of your website’s authenticity depends on the ranking on the major search engine websites. So reserving a domain and adding the contents are not the only factors you should be concerned about, as a website owner. Constantly checking if the site is properly search engine optimized is a high priority task in this contemporary cut throat competitive scenario. Once you lose the ranking it's your competitors who are getting the valuable clicks.

I have compiled below few factors that can affect the ranking of websites as a whole.

New & Lost Links: New links pointing to a domain can trigger a temporary decline in rankings. From the previous observation, it has been found that trustworthiness of the website and the authority of the linking domains determine the impact of new links. Similarly, lost links can impact website performance. If a website has removed or temporarily unavailable back-links, that triggers drop of ranking.

Algorithm Changes: Google and other search engines update their algorithms in a timely manner. It is important for a website owner to be aware of the changes in the algorithms. Websites drop a lot of ranking due to their lack of algorithm updates.

Website Changes: When the structure or even content of a website is changed, it is very important to crawl to check the performance of the website. I recommend to have scheduled crawls so that you’ll be able to compare the performance of your website before and after the website changes.
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1. High Quality and Relevant Content
2. Regularly Update your Content
3. Mata Tags
4. Quality Back Links
5. Alt Tags and Internal Links
6. Site Loading Speed
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Commonly Major factors:
Bounce rate
broken backlinks
Copy/Paste Content
Bot traffic
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The content and on page are major factors that affect the website ranking.
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If you're using black hat SEO method for website promotion that affect our site search engine ranking.
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6 Important Factors That Affect Your Website’s Ranking on Google:

1. Domain-Level Backlinks (Quantity, quality, and trust metrics of all links to the website)
2. Page-Level Backlinks (Anchor text distribution and spamminess of linking sources)
3. Page-Level Content Quality/Relevance (Content length, readability, uniqueness, and other on-page keyword factors.)
4. User Experience Metrics (Visitor traffic/usage signals and Click-through rate of SERP listing on both domain and page level)
5. Domain-Level Content (Quality/Relevance Content length, readability, uniqueness, and other on-page keyword factors)
Page-Level Social Media Metrics (Quantity/quality of tweeted links, Facebook shares, Google +1’s etc.)
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If you use the wrong keywords for your site's product or service page.
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Many factors matter, Few are:

Few of important factors content on site
On-Page factors
Content quality you are using for sharing on guest posting and on article sharing
Back-links quality
Traffic & Bounce rate
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The ranking on website on SERP mostly comes from how well your site is onpage optimize. The site structure itself; internal linking, menu navigation, content and keyword optimization etc.

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