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What have you done in the new year?

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What have you done in the new year?

Our family was thinking of a party, a surprise party for my mother and our participation is the father of three.
I’m good with three blows, he like music and we though inferior to him a lot but also inherited a little from him.
So is our father of three has set a track but we mixed it on remix to it become more lively in the first days of the new year.
The purpose we would like to thank my mom, thank you for the beautiful single women in my family have struggled because of three father I.
And the music, the party is for parents, which is truly great music night our familySmile)
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I traveled with my family and visited the beauty of Spain Smile
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Its a big question for me ..
"I take resolution to take patience"
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done in the new year carids

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