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What i have to do to get google adsense Approved

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I would like to know more about the google adsense rules to get approved if someone know please explain
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Support Team
This link contains all you need to know regarding Adsense: https://support.google.com/adsense/

Now to get Adsense approval fast and without website check this blog post: http://www.howto-makemoney.com/blogs/blo...-a-website
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To get your adsense account approved. You must have a valid .com domain with high quality content. Add about me, privacy policy page. Do not copy paste articles from other sites.
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Try reading this content hope it will help you http://www.seosiren.com/get-google-adsen...in-3-days/
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You must have valuable visitors per day like around 500. Good domain with About us, contact us and privacy page. You site have quality content of product /services.
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back in the days it was easier you just requested a pin
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You need to have the following requirements for the AdSense account a website with quality content according to the policies of google. So, your account will approve.
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i used docstoc method, its named somehow like that. Google it
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I'm also finding same issue, is Google adsense account for Andorid apps available?

Google this topic

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