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What is 500 internal server error?

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It’s important to note that the server side of an application generates this error even though you may see the error code inside your browser. That means that your HTML, client-side JavaScript, or anything else that runs in a browser is not the source of a 500 Internal Server Error. Of course, the name does imply that it’s a server error, but systems have grown so complex today, that this reminder could be helpful.
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check your php version in cpanel and what is required by your app/site.
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500 Error – may be a standing code which means internal server error. primarily the appliance itself broken. this can be sometimes a code error somewhere. They typically look a similar to you as a user, however there’s a significant distinction from the developers perspective.
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500 error occur because of many things, therefore its really very difficult to provide you exact solution until you share Apache error logs, kindly ask your hosting provider to share a Apache error logs, so that we can provide you solution for it.
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