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What is Co-citation and Co-occurrence?

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Hlo Friends,
What is Co-citation and Co-occurrence?
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Co Citation means your URL/brand is appearing along side with your targeted keywords. This helps Google and major search engines to co relate your brand with your industry terms. Co occurrence means various terms is coming to gather which is also know as LSI means terms frequently used to gather.
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when you search your keywords in Google, it start to show up in sidebar.
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(12-26-2017 07:05 AM)parmodshastri Wrote:  Hlo Friends,
What is Co-citation and Co-occurrence?

I would like to tell you with ex:
Suppose we are having three coins,coin a,coin b,coin c
coin a connected coin b and coin c so there no interaction between coin b and coin c so thats why we can say coin b and coin c is cocitation

Whereas in case of co-occuences
co-occences refers to the text thats before and after the hyperlinks

hope you this understand my points...
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Co-citation means two different links presence on the third website. which helps building a relationship between those two websites indirectly.
Co-occurrence dictates the frequency and proximity of the keywords and there relationship in the websites.
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They are different, and here's how. Co-occurrence refers to the actual presence of content (similar terms) on different sites. Think of it as an ontology, an occurrence. Co-citation refers to the way that the sites are connected to each other. Think of it as a mention, a citation.

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