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What is Co-citation and Co-occurrence?

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What is Co-citation and Co-occurrence?
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Co-citation is the presence of two different links, A and B, on a website ©, which means that the value of C will pass through to A and B. Co-citation also goes a step further to dictate that link A and B will form an interrelationship and pass some value by association to one another. Co-citation establishes a relationship between the A and B websites that aren't directly linked together, but do appear together on web page C.

Co-occurrence is the term used to describe the frequency and proximity of keywords appearing on a website as well as the relationship between them.
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Think of it as an ontology, an occurrence. Co-citation refers to the way that the sites are connected to each other. Think of it as a mention, a citation. For example, a high-quality peer-reviewed journal may have dozens of citations due to its authoritative status.

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