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What is Good adsense? How it different from affiliate marketing

blackmagicislam Offline referral

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Tell me
how it differs from affiliate marketing ??????
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Google adsense is composed of paid advertising while affiliate marketing is where you promote other business to have an income for every successful conversion.
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google adsense show your ads when you sign up in google adsense document and plus your website receiving some of traffic. Affiliate marketing promote other products and generate some commissions
Shivam Tripathi Offline referral

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Google Adsence is a program run by google that allows publishers in the google network of content sites to serve automatic text.
drnagwaniseo Offline referral

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The difference is that in Google AdSense we don't have much influence on the content we promote. In affiliate marketing instead, we are creators of promotional content. It also means that affiliates have to be good copywriters as their income depends on the quality of their content.
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Google AdSense is a program that allows the publishers of other websites to add Google ads on their own websites and Google pay to them for every click on their ad.
In Affiliate marketing publishers of other websites have permissions to add the product and service of third part site and third party site pay to them for every successful sale or conversion through their own website.

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