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What is Google Autocomplete?

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What is Google Autocomplete?
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This term applies to Google Maps and its features.

Autocomplete is when you start typing some address into the form and Google starts showing similar address some like Google Instance feature on search.
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Google Suggest is a part of the auto-complete function of Google search engine. When any user enters a word or some letters over the search field, Google shows many associated terms to him/her in a drop down menu. Such suggestions are a collection of the most frequently search terms over the Google search engine.

For example, as you start to type Photoshop tutorial for, you might see other popular Photoshop tutorial related searches like “Photoshop tutorial for beginners” or “Photoshop tutorial for photographers.”
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If you are browsing the web and enter a query on the search bar it will automatically show a drop down set of keywords that you can choose from instantly; that's what auto suggest is.
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Google Autocomplete is a feature provided by Google suggest, that provides a list of related suggestions whenever you type in a search box while using any of the google products such as google search, chrome address bar, youtube, maps, android, etc.
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Google Autocomplete is the process of finding the searches available in Google, when someone calls for the particular search, it displays more relevant results available for searching.
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wen you type few words in Google and Google starts showing similar phrases which are searched on google.That activity is called autocomplete
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When we type any query in Google, it shows some suggestions for keywords.

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