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What is Maccabees Update in SEO?

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Hello, everyone please tell me what is Maccabees Update in seo?
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There is at present both a lot of chatter in the SEO discussions and a large number of the instruments are illuminating around significant changes in the Google lsearch results. It is uncommon for there to be this must babble this late in December in any of the discussions, so when the WebmasterWorld string began to get occupied late December thirteenth through December fourteenth, it was something that got my consideration.
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Google Maccabees update is just another Fred algorithm. Fred algorithm is any algorithm which is a part of the core algorithm. This update was mostly for websites and affected those ranking on various keywords permutations. Though Google has not officially announced the exact changes made and it considers it to be just another update.
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(12-21-2017 08:32 AM)gemselections Wrote:  Hello, everyone please tell me what is Maccabees Update in SEO?

The sole purpose of the Maccabees Update is to improve the search relevancies. So, website owners and webmasters should look into the improvements to on-page as well as off-page relevance signals. The importance of content will always remain intact because high quality contents generate quality backlinks for your website thus helping you to attain organic ranking.
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Still it is not clear what is Maccabees Update ; it may hit some affiliate sites, e-commerce like category structures or it may be a bug with the algorithm showing poor quality sites over good quality sites. Still any clear answer is present.

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