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What is Mobile addon?

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Hlo Friends,
What is Mobile addon?
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Mobile Addons or System Addons are the extensions that you can use to increase the system capabilities.
If you are talking about Mobile Geddon then that is the name given by the Webmasters and Web Developers to the websites that are well performing on the mobiles and Google give the high priority to those Websites.
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Mobile addon is use to speed up web browsing by requesting the mobile version of the webpage, very easy to switch mobile and regular browsing as resultant gives webpages simpler user interface instant. It is user friendly and easily accessible.
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The primary reason for this addon is to accelerate web perusing by asking for the versatile rendition of the page. ... It is a brisk and simple approach to switch amongst versatile and consistent perusing, and it likewise gives pages more straightforward UI.
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1. It's some thing extra you buy with your bundle.
e.g. An ad-don of 100 MB can be used once you have used your original bundle.

2. Firefox for Android allows plugins and they work great.
I suspect that some other browsers don't support plugins, because they don't want users to be able to block advertising and tracking.
On Firefox for Android you can use ad-blocking software, block referrers, change the user agent, and do many other useful things.

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