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What is SEO Guy forum?

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When searching for seo forum sites I have noticed that this seo Guy forum ranks very high for almost all seo related keywords but when I visit the website it say:

Quote:Currently not accepting clients

Thank you very much for your interest in seo Guy Services but I we are currently not taking on any new clients. We do appreciate all the referrals we get on a daily basis from past and present customers but quite honestly, we are just way to busy with our largest web development company Real Estate Webmasters to take on any more work outside of the Real Estate Sphere.

And when I go their seo forum it show an error:

Quote:There seems to have been a slight problem with the seo forum : search engine optimization Forum database.

This seo site looks terrible how come it ranks so high in Google and for so many competitive keywords. Also what this seo Guy website is about?
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SEO Guy is like SEO Chat website which is composed of SEO experts that help webmasters in improving their search engine optimization! If their SEO forum shows SQL error then it's probably temporally down. If the website ranks high for such a variety of keywords it's because it apports good content.
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