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What is SEO Schema ?

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google SEO schema available in different formats, see if you implement schema in website then they tell the google what exactly website content is ??
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schema is an markup language it is very useful for rich serp results
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Schema is there to help search engines from information point of view. It gives additional information to the users in the form of snippets.
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In a schema diagram, all database tables are designated with unique columns and special features, e.g., primary/foreign keys or not null, etc. Formats and symbols for expression are universally understood, eliminating the possibility of confusion.

Google Schema is very important to create rich snippets
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Schema markup is code (semantic vocabulary) that you put on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users. If you've ever used rich snippets, you'll understand exactly what schema markup is all about. Here's an example of a local business that has markup on its event schedule page.

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