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What is White hat or ethical SEO techniques.?

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HI all please help me. What is White hat or ethical SEO techniques.?
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I would say these are best white hat SEO techniques.
1. On-Page SEO
2. Social media marketing
3. Content Marketing
And the most important white SEO technique is:
5. Good Content

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Any techniques which comes under the guidelines of Google is a White Hat techniques such as meta data, page content without keywords dumping, header tag, anchor text, image optimization, site navigation, sitemaps, robot txt and so on
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I used to do manually following task daily
- Social Bookmarks
- Social Network
- Article Submission
- Blog Comments
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Ethical seo refers link-building process that minds the rules of website owner guidelines. They are helpful to rank keywords higher in google and also keeps your website safe from any online look for engine updates.

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