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What is a CDN and how it helps boost your SEO Performance?

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What is a CDN and how it helps boost your seo Performance?
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A content delivery network refers to a geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content. A CDN allows for the quick transfer of assets needed for loading Internet content including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos.

for example how CDN boost seo . The user visits the site example.com, and his browser gets a static HTML-page. The HTML-page signals the browser that all CSS, JS, pictures, and videos are stored on cdn.example.com, so the browser loads the content from there. When the browser accesses the server, it redirects the client to the closest CDN point. As a result, the request travels the shortest distance.
As most of the static content changes quite rarely, getting the cached files from the CDN servers improves the page rendering. In this case, the network latency will be much shorter than when the user will access the home server from a remote area. The request will not have to travel to the opposite side of the Earth.
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If we break the full term we get Content Delivery and Network. Now we can establish that it has something to do with delivering the content. But which content? Well, it delivers both the static, streaming and dynamic content of your WordPress site which includes media files, CSS and JavaScript files. The other part, i.e., Network is the essence of this delivery system. The content we discussed earlier is hosted on this network of servers spread over the world and when the user sends a request from its browser, it is handled by the nearest server to avoid latency.
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well i dont know, can anyone tell me with simple words what is CDN
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(CDNs) are a system of servers distributed throughout the world delivering web pages, and other web content (like video streaming) based on the users geographical location. This means that large amounts of content can be delivered quickly and without any interruptions.
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CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It keeps all your files in the cache memory and loads the website from the cache so that it takes less time to load the website for a user.

As with CDN your website loads faster you will see a sudden boost in your SEO Performance, and that will help you boost the overall rankings.

Some of the CDN providers are:
– Cloudflare
– KeyCDN
– MaxCDN
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CDN is a content delivery network - in simple terms these are servers located physically in multiple data centers all over the world to deliver the content to the end-viewers helping for their best customer experience and performance.

Benefits of Content Delivery Network :

1. Boosts page load time
2. Enhance user experience
3. Google search and SEO benefits
4. Manage high traffics
5. Reach out to global market
6. Valuable data and analytics
7. Reduces cost
8. Better Security
9. Guards against DDoS

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