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What is a Meta tag?

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Hi guys,Meta tags are short snippets of webpage content which describes your Website Page’s content. Meta tags are not visible on Webpage's content, but can be found in the Webpage's Source Code.
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Meta tags are snippets of text that describe a page’s content for search engines. In other words, meta tags help to structure content and transform human language in machine language.
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Meta tag is the it tells about the information about the content we used in webpage...
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META Tags are found within the and section of any web pages. Meta tags are very much essential for indexing search engines. You should carefully optimize your web pages with meta tags. Types of meta tags:
1) META Description Tag
2) META Keywords Tag
3) META Language Tag
4) META Link Relationship Tag
5) META Robots Tag
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Meta tags are additional information on any webpage. It is important for SEO.
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short description of your website with Main keywords
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Meta tag is the html tag , this will describe the page details. Google will show the meta description in search engine results.
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Meta tags are used in HTML and XHTML documents to provide structured metadata about a Web page.
It help crawlers to know that what is into a particular page.
Three important meta tags are:
Meta Title
Meta Description
Meta Keywords
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Meta Tags are important on-page SEO factors, help to optimize each webpage to make to search engine friendly.

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