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What is breadcrumbs?

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Reading some articles on SEO I have came across breadcrumbs what is it and how to use it in search engine optimization?
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Google breadcrumbs refers to links to individual parts of the website from within the search results.
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If SERP is a forum then it's most likely you will see below it more links to other related content from that site.
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Simply more links to different but relevant website's content that shows in Google search results.
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Breadcrumbs are the best way to provide the user the greater experience! It is mainly used for large websites with lots of categories. It is a good thing we can check when reviewing a website.

Keyword - based Breadcrumbs
Some of the bread crumbs are based on the keywords/related keywords
For Example: Samsung mobile (Main Key-term) > Samsung mobile accessories (Related key-term) > Samsung mobile headsets (Specific Key-term)

Location - based Breadcrumbs
It makes user to know where he/she is,
For example: All products > cloths and accessories > t-shirts >

Attribute based breadcrumbs
For example: All products/cloths and accessories/mens t-shirts/round neck t-shirts/'m' size(Check box)/'s' size (check box)

Google loves breadcrumbs:
What is breadcrumbs

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