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What is cononical URL?

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What is Cononical URL? What is the purpose of creating canonical URL?
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Whenever the same content can be accessed or viewed from different URLs you have to tell the search engine which one is the master sort of speaking to avoid getting penalized for duplicate content.

This thread for example has the URL: http://letsforum.com/Thread-What-is-cononical-URL but it can also be accessed from this one: http://letsforum.com/showthread.php?tid=4395 so what we do is add this code to source code and Google will know that the URL in this code is to use:

<link rel="canonical" href="http://letsforum.com/Thread-What-is-cononical-URL" />
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Canonical URLs are used to prevent duplicacy of URL which open same website.
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For SEOs, canonicalization refers to individual web pages that can be loaded from multiple URLs. This is a problem because when multiple pages have the same content but different URLs, links that are intended to go to the same page get split up among multiple URLs, as MOZ explained.
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cononical URL can play vital role in SEO. cononical URL manages duplicate pages.
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Canonical urls are content that has several urls pointing directing to it, but your web page identifies which is the recommended url to it. Canonical URL is an great way to handle with copy contents. If you have same web page in different URL's you can specify canonical url in code, so Search engines knows the original web page.
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A canonical tag specifies the source URL (or original content page) of a given page to a search engine such as Google.
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@marcus.. Straight and simple answer to understand. Thanks. Smile
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A canonical tag specifies the source URL (or original content page) of a given page to a search engine such as Google. Canonical tags are used to declare a single page as its own source or for duplicate pages to reference their source / originating page. Search Engines use the canonical tag to combat duplicate content issues and assign search engine ranking value for that content to the page designated as the “source” URL. Duplicate content is a big no-no to search engines. Having pages of identical or very similar content on your website is seen as a negative, and may be used by Google to devalue your website when determining rankings.
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The search engine friendly URL that you want the search engines to treat as trustworthy.

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