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What is content optimization?

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In SEO what does it mean "optimize content"? I have been suggested to do that by someone but have no idea how to neither where to begin?
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When writing an article you have to always think about search engine not just users this means that Google for instance pays attention to keyword proximity and density so optimization is what you do to be sure your content is not breaking those rules.
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Google likes content right and it looks for keywords so optimization is the process of making your content search engine friendly.
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Any idea on what is an ideal keyword proximity and density?
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As we all know Content marketing is most beneficial technique to get quality backlink and ranking on search engine as well as traffic on website. But we should take care that there must not keyword stuffing. Content should unique, informative and related to our website services & products.
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Bit old post! but the topic was good.

Content optimization - Whatever action you do in the content.
When you look through the glass named "SEO" - Content optimization involves the following!

Content uniqueness
Grammatical mistakes
Usage of keywords - Long tail Vs short tail keywords
Keyword proximity/prominence/stuffing/density
Headings, H1, H2, H3 tags
Rich text content - Bold, Italic...etc
Keyword Anchors
Internal linking - text anchors
Text above the fold

Finally, Google says; Create content for users not for search engines.
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Placing the keywords on proper places to get rank webpage on higher positions are are known as content optimization.
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Content refers to written material and this should be unique. Content optimization is a process which is used to make website's particular page more attractive in search engine.

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