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What is different between Website Crawling,Indexing and fetching?

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What is different between Website Crawling,Indexing and fetching?
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#GoogleBot needs to download the page which is called fetching then it needs to go through the page and all its links that is called crawling now the final step is to scan the page for keywords that is called indexing.
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There is no difference b/w these terminologies. It is the same thing. Its all use for the indexing & crawling of the website.
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Fetching has to be done first, Once fetch has done, google crawl the website, successful crawling is called indexing.
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Fetching is the first step then crwaling of site takes place to index the site in search engine.
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Crawling is when bots fetch your website and your pages. For example, GoogleBot fetch websites. And indexing is when your pages are added in SERP.
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Fetching site means you are inviting search engine crawler to crawl the given URL.

Crawling means search engine crawlers crawl your site and see weather there is new content or updated content in your webpage or not.

Indexing means crawler listed your given URL into search engine directory.
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Crawling means the search engine optimization robot crawl or fetch the web pages while Indexing means search engine optimization robot crawl the web pages, saved the information and it appear in the search engine optimization.
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Crawling is the process of taking the snapshot of your web page as a database by Search Engines.
Indexing is the process of listing your web page on Search Engines Result Page.
Fetching is the process of informing the Search Engines to visit your web page after the updation done by the user.

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