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What is important on page techniques?

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Hlo Friends,
What is important on page techniques?
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Important On-Page SEO techniques are:

keyword density
optimized content
Google Analytics
title, alt, meta, h1 tags in HTML codes
internal links
fast page loading speed
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Important On-Page SEO techniques are as follows:
1. Website Analysis.
2. Google Analytics.
3. Body tags(H1,H2,H3,H4,etc).
4. Google webmaster.
5. Keyword Density.
6. Meta Tag.
7. Meta Description.
8. Internal Linking
This all above are important on page seo techniques
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SEO Optimized Titles
Friendly URLs
Single H1 Tag On The Page
Targeted Keywords & LSI Keywords In H2 & H3 Tags
Internal Linking
Primary Keywords In First And Last 100 Words
Mobile Friendly
Website To HTTPS (Secured Site)
Meta Description
Image Names & Alternate Tag
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On-Page Optimization:
On-Page optimization means controlling the website by your page coding.
On-page optimization techniques are:
1. Website structure
2. Meta tags
3. HTML tags
4. Alt tags
5. Xml and html site maps
6. Robots.txt
7. Site loading speed
8. Web site URL structure
9. Site UI desig
10. Google analytics and webmasters
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Some important On-Page techniques are:
1. Content optimisation and interlinking
2. Meta Tags
3. Sitemap
4. Robot.txt
5. Website Speed
6. Alt tags
7. Google analytics and webmasters scripts
8. HTML Tags
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inner linking
url structure,
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The basic things of on-page optimization is following things

Titles, content optimization, h1, h1, h2 tags, meta descriptions, sitemap.XML, robots.txt, duplicate content checking, website speed, image optimization, website proper call to actions checking. and so on...
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On page SEO is a standout amongst the most critical procedures you can utilize, for accomplishing better rankings as well as for running fruitful Internet promoting efforts. Each SEO crusade has your site in center and if it's not appropriately improved for both web crawlers and clients, your odds of achievement are limited. Here are some technique that we should follow.

1. Blog Post Title
5. Meta Tags
2. Post Permalink Structure
3. Heading Tags
4. Keyword Density
7. Word Count Per Post
8. Internal Linking
6. Images
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Meta tags, Robots, sitemap, image, code & content optimization are best on-page SEO methods.
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When it comes to on-page SEO, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about meta tags and keyword density for one lifetime. if you’re looking for some practical strategies that you can use on your site today, then you’ll love this infographic.
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There are various techniques which used to promoting the website through online ways
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Make your existing pages longer
Focus on YouTube SEO
Improve site speed
Focus on topics instead of keywords
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Proper HTML formatting is absolutely key. Search engines use indicators like the H1 tag as to the topic of the page. If you're using the Font tag to increase the size of text, that is not as good as an indicator to a robot about what the headline of the page is.

Other things like alt tags on images are key to the enjoyment of your site by people who are handicapped an using screen readers. Google factors this in - their goal is to deliver quality sites to their users, some of whom use screen readers.

So following best practice is absolutely key to making google prefer your site both on a technical level (they need to know what is there) and on a level that their product is delivering quality sites to their searchers.
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One of the most important in On Page SEO is content optimization for the target audience and this will play a vital role for your campaign's success.
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A natural keyword density with good use of related keywords, keywords and related keywords in h1, h2 and h3 tags, use <header> and <footer> and <p> tags to make sure Google knows whats navigational elements and whats content, and use of keywords and related keywords in anchor text for internal linking.
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On-page is important for SEO techniques. Some effective On-Page SEO that will increase your page rankings on search engines.

1. Page Title,

2. Meta Description,

3. Meta Tags,

4. Structure of URL,

5. H1, H2, H3, H4, etc. (Body tags),

6. Keyword Density,

7. Image SEO,

8. Internal Linking.
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URL structure and internal linking also not to forget to mention h1 tags in all formats
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Meta title
meta description
meta tags
image tag and alt tags
H1 to h6 tags
content optimiztion
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Title with description and meta description h1 and h2 tags are most important factors in term of seo

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