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What is keyword proximity?

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Could anybody explain what does keyword proximity means and how important it is for Google?
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It refers to the distance between individual keywords. Your keywords should be close to each other but not together.

Let say "Improve SEO" it's not actually a keyword but a key-phrase! Remember not to repeat it too often cause it's considered as "Keyword Stuffing"
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Why the term Keyword Proximity rises?

Reasons: Google mostly controls the actions with bots. Bots cannot read tons and tons of websites content from top to bottom in a minute. Bots may work up to 85% NOT 100%. So why GreyHat/Black Hat is still alive : We can cheat the Robots/Google Bots.

Small Overview: Not a brief
Google bots starts reading the content from top: searching for the key-term->after finding the keyword it looks the nearest word "Here the term keyword proximity raises"(to understand the website/blog what it tells)->parallel on-site checks are done(keyword stuffing, uniqueness...etc other on-site criteria's)->To know the what the site is all about->then it stores in it database.

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