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What is redirection ?

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can you please brief about What is redirection ?
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Why not try searching these boards first before asking a question that has been answered. If you can not grasp what a redirection is from the I think 4 threads discussing different methods then you need to sit down and do some more research on your end.

Honestly wish we could give -1's for posts.

Come on people let's get some REAL questions flowing for the Admin/Owner of these boards!!!!

We need to move past the basics and defining EVERY SINGLE TERM. Not knowing basics is great and fine, but not doing due diligence on your own part to learn hinders not only yourself but these boards. Learn the basic terms, then ask questions to further EXPAND that knowledge. Or learn something basic, then go try it and come back with the millions more questions you would have.

I honestly feel like fricken google here and 99% of the time for these questions I am just quoting wikipedia. Not because I do not know what they mean, but there is no reason for me to put in anymore effort to explain these things, when the Original Poster's are not putting out any effort than to flood the board with a new list of questions each day.

These forums are not wikipedia, they are to take your knowledge AND experience to new levels. Work out things you have not been able to, learn new methods, work out other peoples things and so on.

It's time to LEVEL UP!!!
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Here we go again, you want me to guess again? From your previous posts I believe you are referring to SEO redirect if so check here: http://letsforum.com/Forum-Web-Server

Dude stop wasting my baring energy on guessing!

Google this topic

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