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What is the 3.0 web submission ?

Sanusaini Offline referral

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Hello Friends,

I would like to know that What is the 3.0 web submission ?
Victor Dub Offline referral

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Web 3.0 is still a theoretical thing!
nidhivyas Offline referral

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The term used to describe the evolution of the Web as an extension of Web 2.0. This definition of Web 3.0 is the popular view held by Tim O'Reilly. In contrast, Nova Spivack defines Web 3.0 as connective intelligence; connecting data, concepts, applications and ultimately people.
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You might heard about web 2.0. and now web 3.0
It is the next fundamental change both in how websites are created and, more importantly, how people interact with them.
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Myself even don't know about it. But I have done web 2 submission before. Waiting for the better answers.
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I think It is the advance version of web 2.0, You can use in digital mode.

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