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What is the best VPS you used?

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I'm just curious. What is the best VPS service you used?
I have had really good experience with hostingsource.
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host gator and blue host both are best option for you
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I've recommended Rockhoster.com VPS deals to other people. Any time I had a question or a problem getting help was never an issue. I've phoned in and used the live chat and both methods offered exceptional service.
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As I know pretty good vps hosting accounts offered by these decent VPS hosts:
- Microvps.com
- Dailyrazor.com
- Exmasters.com
The combination of quality and cheapness makes them attractive for the greater part of the web masters.
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I like hostwinds.com and their stable ssd Litespeed web hosting solutions.
Use the coupon code: 50OFF16 for 50% off their first month. Uptime is great - 99.99%

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