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What is the best forum site hosting ?

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I need to know if forum sites require some kind of special hosting? I mean can I host forum site on a shared hosting or it will require something more powerful like VPS or Dedicated hosting?

What hosting best forum sites use?
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All depends on your desires for the forum and your budget. The amount of traffic also heavily play into your decision. Me personally would avoid shared hosting at all costs. There are plenty of other options available and well worth the extra investment in the long run. Especially if your income depends on the success of this forum.

If you're going to flood the board with questions every two minutes in a string at least make sure you give very detailed and thought out questions and show that you have done some research on your part, or even what side/way/method you're leaning towards.
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I can't be more agree with you Chod when the opportunity presence you should ditch shared hosting, but for starters shared hosting is the right choice!
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Shared hosting should be only used to get you going but not for business purposes!
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Forum is a website and can be hosted on the majority of web hosting/servers! If your domain name gets good amount of traffic and use either Private hosting or Dedicated Hosting if you are only starting forum community and don't get traffic then start on Shared Hosting!
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If your discussion forum get tons of traffic and I don't think shared hosting can handle it you need VPS or Dedicated hosting whichever you can afford!
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phpBB is a flexible forum platform that enables you to create boards where registered users can post messages. MyBB. WordPress. Joomla! Drupal. Vanilla. Simple Machines Forum. FluxBB.
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A dedicated web hosting is always preferred option for forum site hosting.
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There are various web hosting forums available in the market but choosing a right one according to the business niche and requirements is a crucial task.
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MyBB. ...
WordPress. ...
Joomla! ...
Drupal. ...
Vanilla. ...
Simple Machines Forum. ...
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Here is the list of Six best Hosting Forum Sites,

1. phpBB
2. MyBB
3. Hostaxa
4. bbPress
5. vBulletin
6. Simple Machine Forums.
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After reading this topic, I decided to create a forum via Forumotion. Maybe, the other companies are also great.
This is quiet hard to make a choice as they are very close each other.
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I recommend Quora because More people use and land mostly in Quora currently to find the best results.

note - You can't add a signature in Quora
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Cloudways Community forum is also a good resource to discuss hosting problems at Cloudways platform, Cloudways is a managed Cloud hosting solution. You can launch cloud servers on six providers including DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, KYUP and GCE.

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