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What is the best technique for marketing on Facebook?

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superman Offline referral

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Is Facebook ads the best ways to market a product in Facebook? Are there some other paid but cheaper alternatives?
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Well there is nothing better than Facebook ads if you don't mind to spend money but if you wanna do it for free then creating a business page should get you going.
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Creating business page has to be the first step, getting likes is the second. Facebook page tends to rank high in Google search so do a bit of SEO and if you lucky the page will start getting tons of organic traffic which is great for marketing.
superman Offline referral

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I know fan page is free is this also applies to the business one?
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There are some ways to increase quality Facebook PagePost, engaging content, Be active, Promote your Facebook Page, everywhere,Invite your existing community,Optimize your Facebook Page Info.
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FaceBook is the best platform to promote your business basically paid ads can help you to promote your business or brands.
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Aysha Rabbani Offline referral

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Yes, i also use facebook ads to promote my businees/products online. It works greatly when you are very knowledgeable about how to run an ads
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Facebook ads are the best for promoting.
cwvps Offline referral

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You always have an option to not pay for an ad on Facebook, but your visibility and reach will be far from good. If you have a personal account and you are connected to a lot of people, then you could, of course, promote to them and ask them to share your offer further. The most profitable way to advertise on Facebook is to target your audience, test your ads and then start promoting seriously. You will promote more in the beginning and then you will do it only from time to time to boost traffic and likes. It will be from time to time because a lot of targeted people already liked your page and you'll be, more or less, in their news feed.
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Currently, Facebook is ranking number 1 on ahrefs, meaning it is one of the best ways to advertise your product/s. For your other question, there is a lot of cheaper alternative out there, try to find a blog that has an ad space. You can also try to check other websites if they are selling ad space/s.
nidhivyas Offline referral

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Facebook is a best technique for marketing.
You can used to social media marketing.
It is use facebook ads to promote my business/products online marketing.
Creating business page in Facebook.
You can getting likes in Facebook.
Facebook page tends to rank high in Google search.
Erin Nagata Offline referral

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You can promote you campaign through your facebook account instead. It would be better and natural way.
rf-harris Offline referral

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Working on facebook groups is a very effective way to do marketing on facebook.
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Yes facebook ads is the best way to market a product in facebook.
ChetanModi Offline referral

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It's quite good and positive results for any websites, getting more traffic of any websites that is Facebook.
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As we all know that Facebook is the best platform for online marketing. It can help you to promote your business brand, increase likes and customers for your business. There is the best technique for marketing on Facebook.
The first thing that you can do is to target a particular amount of audience you want.
Create a high-quality and short video post.
Share images of your business-related quality product.
Like and comment on your niche related other post.
share your blog and website of other social media sites.
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Facebook is the best marketing platform to market your products.You can get good amount of search traffic to your website.

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