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What is the best technique for marketing on Facebook?

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I think we should have to work very strategically because, now every business on social media and which have good capital they went to run social paid ads on it. But for average or small business owner have to move with very planning.
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Facebook ads is the best marketing platform for promoting your products or services.
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The best techniques for marketing on Facebook are:-
-Understand your audience.
- Have a clear goal and strategy.
- Use video marketing strategy to explain your content in a better way.
- Interact with your audience by taking a quiz or by general discussion.
- Try to invest in ads.
- If you want better competition strategy with your ads then you can also use ads spying tools.

You can also use tool like poweradspy for better automation activity. It will also help you to approach better marketing technique for Facebook.
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Choose the right category for the business page. When we use a vanity URL for profile page is not only more searchable on Facebook but it’s also more searchable on Google. Use high-quality photos on the profile because we use photos as an opportunity to showcase our brand to our audience. Use custom Facebook tabs. It helps answer questions that users might have before they buy anything. Allowing users to be a part of our page in a personal way can help improve the bond with our brand. Promote our page with Facebook Ads.

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