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What is the best way to improve your ranking in SERP?

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Quality link building such as submissions to article directories, web directories, social bookmarking, posting to forums, and blogs will helps you to get best ranking in SERP.
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ALEX! Finally a complete question OMG!
This is what I do to increase SERP and it works. Publish an original and good content, then use onlywire.com or similar social bookmarking site to share your link to all the major social media sites!
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Actually its not even a question just a statement Tongue His title is a question not the post. Wink
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Make your On-Page optimization perfect and do some directory and forum submission to get the rankings on Google SERP.
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quality content , proper optimization and quality link building
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First, perfectly optimize your website's On-page factors then start doing Off-page tasks in your niche market websites.
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Best SEO off page Activity.

Content Posting
Bookmarking submission
Directory submission
Yahoo answering
Classified submission
Images sharing
Video submission
Guest Posting
Infographics submission
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Here are some ways to Improve ranking in SERP :

1. Don’t be afraid to slow down
2. Get social
3. Diversify your links
4. Content isn’t king, unless it’s good content
5. Buy links ethically
6. Google can show you the way
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You need to do some work with google guideline so that you will be able to get first rank
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Six Ways to Improve your Site’s Ranking:

1. Publish Relevant Content
2. Update Your Content Regularly
3. Metadata (Title Metadata, Description Metadata, Keyword Metadata)
4. Have a link-worthy site
5. Use alt tags
6. Social Networking

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