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What is the difference between Asp and ASPX ??

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What is the difference between Asp and ASPX ??
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Hi please take a look at these wiki pages:

.asp - discontinued


They both part if the LLS - Microsoft Server
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.asp - discontinued is older one aspx is latest.
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.asp file can execute only on microsoft technology platform.
.aspx file can run on any platforms.

Both ASP and ASPX are for developing web pages. But ASPX is a new and better approach for developing web pages.
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Dynamic Server Pages/Differences between ASP 3.0 and ASP.NET. The most essential contrast amongst ASP and ASP.Net is that ASP utilizes deciphered VBScript or JScript, and ASP.net utilizes any .Net dialect (counting VB.Net, C#, J#, and so forth.) incorporated. ASP 3.0 remaining all its code in the front of the application.

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