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What is the difference between On-page and Off-page optimization techniques of SEO?

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I am new to seo. Please help me out.
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Don't worry about asking any question buddy we're here to help not criticize.

On-page AKA on-site optimization are the techniques such as quality content, meta tags, H tags, internal linking, keywords etc. used to improve quality of the web-page so that Google will see that is has the potential to rank on fist page.

Off-page AKA off-site are the tactics actually used to increase web-page rankings such as generating backlinks.
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You can see so many links online..
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On-page is about the content of your page itself.
Off-page are the backlinks that you used to promote your website.
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on page optimization deals within your site which includes H1 tags, meta data, design and structure whereas, off page optimization includes Citations sites listing
Social bookmarking
Blog commenting
Profile creation
Article submission
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ON page optimization is to implement the keywords in the website. Make the site SEO friendly.
OFF page seo technique is to build backlink for the website.
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On Page SEO relates with on-line activity with the website while Off Page SEO has no relation to do with website coding and just means to promote it via making back links and content marketing.
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On-page optimization is everything you do to your website to help Google to crawl, parse, and index it. Its includes Title Tags, Meta Data, Heading Tags and Interlinking.

Off-page optimization is everything else you do to market your website and build it's brand. Its includes Guest Blogging, social book markings and Promote your content via social channels.
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On Page and Off Page SEO are both important, you need to work them both.
Other users told you what they are, but please not that they need time to get results.
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On page is about the content of your website...And Off page is about how you rank your website...
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On page SEO means that link building on their own site pages and Off page SEO means that link submit in others websites and search engines etc.
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On-Page is nothing but optimizing the content inside your website and Off-page is creating backlinks for your website on others website.
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Off-page SEO refers to activities outside the boundaries of the webpage. The most important are:
Link Building
Social Media
Social bookmarking

On Page SEO refers to settings you can apply on the website so that it is optimized for search engines. The most significant on Page SEO Tips are:
Optimized titles and descriptions
Proper URL Structures
User friendly navigation
Optimized internal links
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in on page seo we add meta tags to website and in off page seo , we make high quality backlinks.
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Off page SEO refers to techniques that can be used to improve the position of a web site in the search engine results page (SERPs).
On-Page SEO refers to how well your website's content is presented to search engines.
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On page Optimization
On-Page SEO refers to how well your website’s content is presented to search engines. On page optimization involves ensuring whether a particular webpage is structured in a manner so that it gets found by the search engines for given keywords and key phrases. It not only helps in getting good search engine ranking but also increases overall readability of the site. The best part is that not much has changed about the on-page optimization approach. It can still be improved immediately by tweaking incorrect elements on a webpage.

Off-Page Optimization
Off-Page SEO refers to your website’s overall “authority” on the web determined by what other websites say about your site. Off-page optimization is a long-term process and takes time to improve. Simply put, off page is all about your online reputation. Off page optimization includes acquiring backlinks to your page from the authority sites in your niche. Backlinks is the currency of any off-page strategy. And, unlike on-page optimization, off-page optimization efforts are not apparently visible on the webpage itself; it does the background work for a better search result.But, after the recent Google Panda and Penguin updates, off-page optimization scenario has drastically changed. Many effective old school practices became obsolete and negatively affected many big websites with high page ranks.Off page optimization effort can be grossly divided in two parts:
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Hello friend,
this is a good question very important for seo so carry on..
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SEO is mainly divided into 2 ways as on-page and off-page optimization. On site optimization is all activities that is done on the website while off site optimization done off the site that is building backlinks.
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On Web page SEO associates with on-line action with the site while Off Web page SEO has no regards to do with web page programming and just means to advertise it via making backlinks and material marketing.

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