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What is the fastest way to make money online?

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Is there a way to start making money like overnight?
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In the internet specially now there is no way you as a beginner can just start earning money right away. There are however easy ways to do it but not fast!

PPC (pay per click) Adsense + Website or + Blob or if you don't wanna spend a dime then YouTube.

The other a bit more complicated method is called Affiliate program.
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Blogging is the fastest way to make money , but need patience its not the over night rich concept.. but once you getting visitors you will earn lots more than you day time job..
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Affiliate marketing can be a good way to increase value of your website. Make sure that you honor search engine regulations.
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Google Adsense is a best way to make fastest money online and many other way in SEO or other way to earn money online.
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I would recommend you to join an affiliate program. Just select a niche you would like to promote, and read a bit information about it.

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