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What is the most important factor in an SEO campaign?

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What’s the most important factor in an seo campaign?
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Finding the right keyword will reduce 80% efforts after that maintain On page SEO (Do some social book marking ) . If your key word competition is low you will be ranked on SERP after few days .But if your keyword is competitive then you have to focus on link building .
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Agree targeting the right/relevant keyword is important. Tip: if you concur less competitive keywords I bet your ass you will eventually master the high ranking ones it will be just a matter of time.
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To use quality links & content for your website with proper on-page SEO is main factor.
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I use unique content, On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques are the most important factor on SEO Campaign.
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First you need to check On page seo whether you are chosen right keywords are not? Proper meta tags, Quality content on your web pages, keyword placement etc. If you done proper On page then you will go for link building tactics and do some social media promotions also..
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(08-14-2017 03:09 PM)ZoyaBhatt Wrote:  What’s the most important factor in an SEO campaign?
Keywords is the most important factor in SEO campaign.. and building backlinks to these keywords to rank in SERP is the 2nd important factor.
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Relevancy is a most important factor for any SEO campaign. So, always try to try to find the best keywords for your business and create the most relevant pages for them to get the good SERP results.
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In SEO main important factor are On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.
On-Page optimization means controlling the website by your page coding, i.e is called you can website modifications to back end. After Completion of On-Page then go to Off-Page Optimization. Off- Page optimization means does not control the web site by your page coding. The main use of off page optimization builds back links to your website.
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Keywords, perfect on-page optimization and proper backlink building are the key factor of an SEO campaign!!
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There are lots of factors that important in SEO like On page SEO, OFF page SEO, Content, Social Media etc. But the most important factor is Keyword in my opinion, because keywords played a major role in SEO. If you choose wrong keywords then you never increase traffic on your site or get higher rank.

Keywords is the basic factor that used in On page, Off page, contetn, social media everywhere. If thats not correct there is no point of doing SEO or any other type of marketing for your business.
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How to generate Social Media Content?

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