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What is the quickest way to increase Instagram followers?

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What is the quickest way to increase Instagram followers?
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Share interesting stuff that can attract the visitors.
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There is no short trick to gain Instagram followers. You gave be persistent and creative on this social media platform. There are tricks but it will not give you engagement in the long run and will hamper your Brand image.
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For getting more followers on Instagram there should be something unique in the post like videos or image should have some interesting to be attract other users.
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For increasing follower on Instagram, You have to use some tips and tricks which maybe help you to get followers easily.
1). You should keep your profile public which is helpful for other users to reach on easily.
2). Create attractive bio detail in your profile.
3). Write the descriptive caption in your post and story.
4). Use hashtag with your location, caption and describe it.
5). Likes and comment on other 's post.
6). Develop your own creative style.
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Share compelling content

The key to great content is knowing your target audience and what they want to see on Instagram. Everything you post has to be interesting to these people. Your goal is to inform, engage and / or entertain them with content. Your image must be compelling and captivating.

Use hashtags

Not only do tags start with # content categorization, but they also give your image a higher visibility and chance of being found. In addition, the more popular the tag, the better the chance of winning follow-ups (or at least one).

Take advantage of influential marketing on Instagram

It's great when you start using Instagram. I had Boost socials offer 30 posts for my profile with 5 comments. They are a bit slow, but deliver what they promised. Sometimes, they offer special products with additional likes or comments.

Use a call-to-action in your photo caption.
Engage your followers by asking them to take extra action (for example, "Let me know what you think in the comments").
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For getting more follower on Instagram I have kept my profile public which is helpful for other users to reach easily and I have added URL in my bio content which increases visitors to my website page. I post daily my own style photos and videos and whenever I post I always use the dedicated and creative hashtag in unique caption which is really helpful to increase follower.

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