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What is the source of getting more traffic for my website?

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What is the source of getting more traffic for my website?
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You can use your social media to gain more traffic by sharing and posting your content/s. I suggest to share or create an unique content 2 to 3 times daily to get more unique traffic!
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Aside from social media sites, you can use blog networking sites as a medium to get traffic for your main website.
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(10-27-2017 06:32 AM)berto Wrote:  Aside from social media sites, you can use blog networking sites as a medium to get traffic for your main website.

what blog networking sites would that be? how can that be done? sorry - new to this. and thank you in advance
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If you want grow you blog audience, you must take advantage of social sites. By using different social sites like facebook, twitter, pintrest, etc, you ca n grow your audience. However, my personal observation is that if your website content is not eye-catching then you cannot succeed in this industry. Low quality content will ruin all your promotion on social sites. Therefore, if you want to grow your audience in a real way, first hire a freelance writer or writing sites like contentmart. If you get high quality, content then your promotion on social site will work.
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Get Social
Write Irresistible Headlines
Pay Attention to On-Page SEO
Target Long-Tail Keywords
Start Guest Blogging
Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site
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Use social media platforms and do on-page and off-page SEO to increase your website traffic. PPC ad also a good option for instant traffic.
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Blog Writing
Posting quality contents daily
Being Engaged in Social Media
Promote your Website
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Hi there, well, there a few ways you can get more traffic to your site. Now, the choice of your social media platforms and blogs is all up to you, but we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.

First, of course, you need to create some content for your site. After all, you can’t expect people to visit your site if you don’t have anything interesting to offer. The choice of content is up to you, but I’d recommend that you start a blog…

Blogging Regularly
First things first – blogging will drive a ton of traffic. And the more you do it, the more people you’ll attract. So instead of publishing one post per week, you should try posting every two days, or if possible, on a daily basis.
Writing Eye-catching Headlines
Keep in mind that your headlines are possibly the most important part of your content. Without an attention-grabbing headline, even the best and the most compelling blog post will go unread. That’s why writers at successful companies like BuzzFeed write up to 25 different headlines per story.
Promote on Facebook
Recently, Facebook has cut back on their organic reach – translation – almost no one will be able to see your posts on Facebook. This means you’ll have to take some money out of your budget and start promoting your content. You should have a campaign constantly running, featuring your blog posts and targeting your target audience.
Search Engine Optimization
You should concentrate on making your WordPress site as good-looking as possible, this will definitely help it rank high in search engine results. If you don’t have any experience with SEO, you can simply get a plugin like All in One SEO Pack that can give you a full SEO audit and show you what you need to fix in order to improve your site.
Exchanging Blog Posts
Lastly, you should definitely look for similar sites and blogs within your industry and reach out to their owners and see if they would like to swap blog posts. This will give you a few good backlinks, improve your SEO efforts in the process and expose your blog to new readers.

Sorry for the overly-long post, but I hope these few tips can point you in the right direction. There’s a ton of other material out there, so do your research before investing your money into anything. And of course, good luck with your site!
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Nowadays social networking websites are the best source of quality traffic for your site.

Google this topic

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