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Poll: Question on http
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What is waiting for http!

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litonkrl Offline referral

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I Know, Google announced that they will give more priority to the website who has more security ( e.g SSL) and use https instead of http.
But don't know what will they offer for http.
Have you any Idea? Let write me a reply.001_thumbup
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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Support Team
Wink Don't expect to hit first page with just https it's like when they say that website load time is important which is just one of many signals that determine website ranking position.

If you run some sort of #eCommerce online business that deals with money transactions and you need to have them secure then YES you need HTTPS other than that you don't need it Google knows about it.

You don't really think they will require on some blog that only posts content Smile
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I tried to see if it had anything to do with the http issue, unfortunately, it doesn't. I even uninstalled my finjan browser security because another guy said it slowed his google searches down. I am working diligently to resolve this issue. It takes way too long for some sites.

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