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What is xRumer tool and how to use it?

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All these SEO tools are making me crazy Smile xRumer what it does, used for and is it free?
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Is a SEO program that is more know in the industry as automating blog commenting and forum posting software or service.

The main purpose of xRumer is to spam forums and blog by posting huge amount of post with the objective of generating backlinks and thus improve search engine optimization. It' a very black hat SEO tool.
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The powerful SEO tool - xRumer which build links in Forums, Elgg, Wiki's, Guestbooks and more supports many other platforms. We can able to Build/Edits xRumer mods which can be further used for any kind of link submissions based on our Mod.

There are plenty of features hided behind xrumer screen.
1. Forum thematic replies
2. Inbuilt captcha solving (Saves my money)
3. Can start threads in the forums
4. Supports and post any language content (Unicode format)
5. Have the ability to create lakhs of links within some hours.

Type of xrumer license
Lite - $290
Standard - $650
Business Version - $900
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OK if I spend 1K on this service what guaranty will I have to get my website on Google first page at least increase PR and rankings?
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It guaranty that all forums and blogs will hate your website)

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