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What is your favorite game?

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(05-04-2017 09:56 AM)rvsharma Wrote:  What is your favorite game?

A lot :

Super MArio Bros,
Battle City,
I stille play them on an emulator.

Arcade games :
The King Of Fighters, all editions, particularly : 2000 and 2001. I watch a ton of cutomized KOF characters played on MUGEM.
I generally use MAME as an emulator.
Of course : Metal Slug, GAROU Mark of the Wolves and Sengoku 3 are also great.

PC :
Half Life and Counter Strike : the best of all times, talking about Fortnite ? it's nothing but some fancy graphics.
Need for speed, all editions
And SRS : Street Racing Syndicat.
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My favorite game is Football

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