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What metrics do you use to measure SEO success?

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I just want to know how you will prove your seo ability to clients by which numbers?
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In order to make your client happy, you have to offer them good SEO strategy that includes tools that could measure their success in the world wide web. Even though you have to be aware that nothing compares to high-quality content, there are some tools that could be a part of your report templates that should correlate your data:

• Google Analytics – numerous key metrics within Google Analytics can monitor visits, conversions, interactions with other websites (Analytics Events), time on site, and bounce rate. Make sure you show your clients their traffic numbers, that always need to be on the rise.
• Backlink Monitoring – this tool enables you to monitor backlinks to client websites while also tracking competitor activity.
• Report on All Traffic – report on all traffic (organic, paid or social media traffic) a website (or a segment of a website) receives. You can also differentiate the traffic by demographic, campaign, device type, etc. to create your SEO report template.

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