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What paying method do you prefer?

maria Offline referral

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If you own an online business or an eCommerce website which payment process do you recommend that will not charger any commissions I mean free?
seo123 Offline referral

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I would go with PayPal business plan it's not free but it's secure! You can simply increase the price of your product same amount as PayPal commission this way it will be free for you!
MitraVarghese Offline referral

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Paypal is the best method for online payments.
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Alby Offline referral

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Without a doubt, Paypal. Its the most popular in terms of countries that it is available in, it accepts almost any form of credit and debit card and it integrates easily into most web design platforms including Wordpress.
Dewlance Offline referral

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I think its depend on customer choice and not on us. If no one use xyz payment gateway then It will be not worth to use it.

PayPal is most preferred payment gateway provider and other choice is direct Debit/Credit card payment. Bitcoin is good option for you If you are looking for no maintenance,etc fees or annual charges and no any risk of dispute.
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LaurenA Offline referral

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There are a lot options commonly used paying method is through paypal or credit/debit card. Aside from this options there's also google wallet, initial payment network, bitcoin, etc.
vishwa Offline referral

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PayPal is one the reliable and very widely used payment processor. I have using them from last 10 years and never had any problem.
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Johnvereen Offline referral

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The obvious choice are the banks, but banks charge you very high hidden fees buried in their spread between the currencies you are trying to send for wire transfers. In addition to the hidden fees they also have their stated fees. You can learn how to avoid the hidden fees when transferring large amounts of money around the world.
postcd Offline referral

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I hate paypal (its not reliable and never know of chargeback or frozen account) and on opposite side, i like PerfectMoney+Bitcoin
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Teotech Offline referral

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I hate paypal and prefer mostly skrill, but unfortunately most of my clients uses widely paypal.

Victorvictories Offline referral

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Currently I am using the Worldpay which takes care of all my transactions and regarding the use of free online payment solution, it comes with many limitations and the primary concern is the security. Since online transaction includes security it is better to use paid online payment solutions.
Lallie Oliverson Offline referral

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Go for paypal tho the foreign exchange rate is lower by $1. But paypal is always reliable so far for me.
jouan Offline referral

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Paypal is the best
erpsandeep Offline referral

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I prefer for online payment it is very easy payment method

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