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What's Hidden Link

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I just hear about Hiden link but I don't know what's exactly hidden link and how do they work?

Do you know about Hidden links?
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Normally a hidden link could be in several forms: – hidden text that also happens to be hyperlinked, e.g. white text on a white background, and the text is a link. – using CSS to make hyperlinks that are tiny, like 1 pixel high text. – hiding links in something like the period in the middle of a paragraph of text.
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Hidden links is having the links included in your webpage coding but not made visible to the users. They are harmful for SEO.
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There are many types of hidden text. The most common method used is the same color background and same color font. When we make the color of the background and the color of the font similar, it is not visible to the end website user. When people visit a website they cannot view the hidden text unless the text has been highlighted using mouse or some other method. Aggressive SEOs use this method to hide text because search engines can read them. Content plays an important role in judging the quality of a website / web page and some SEOs abuse it to their own benefit by hiding them.

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