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What's best and fastest way to get index a website on SERP

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Hello Members,

I know there are some factors those help to get index a website on Search Engine like title tag , seo plugins etc but even I'm looking to know.

Is there any more effective that really helps to get index a website on Search Engine?
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Just submit to your sitemap[.]xml file to webmaster search console and add your website url to Google.
You can see your website within a couple of days.
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The best, the most SEO friendly and rank boosting way to get web pages indexed it to utilize internal linking to its fullest.
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Best tips to get Google index your website in SERP

1 Create a blog
2 Don’t forget to use a robots.txt
3 A great content strategy
4 Sitemap creation and submission
-Upload sitemap in Google search console
-Submit sitemap to Google webmaster tool
5 Go with Google analytics
6 Submit URL to search engine
7 Update social profiles
8 Share the website link
9 Social bookmarking
10 RSS feed

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