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What steps would I follow to optimize a website?

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Hlo Friends,
Can anyone explain, What steps would I follow to optimise a website?
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Optimize for what speed or quality? Pumping in quality is up to you for the rest try this website: https://gtmetrix.com/
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Start with On Page SEO.

1. Loading speed is less
2. Proper Meta tags and Title without keyword stuffing.
3. Original Content
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Website Analysis should be perfect.
No hidden content and on the fold content.
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On Page Methods

1. Keywords Research - Suggested keywords send to the Client for approval.
2. Website Analysis - We analysis the website deeply. We check onpage issues of the website.

1) 301 Redirect check (Present or not)
2) 404 error page check (Present or not)
3) Robots.txt check (Present or not)
4) Sitemap.xml (for crawlers) and HTML Sitemap (for user) check (Present or not)
5) Title tags check (Length and main keywords used or not)
6) Meta tags check (Length and main keywords used or not and meaningful)
7) Content check (Original or duplicate and less)
8) Heading tags check
9) Goggle page rank check
10) Alexa rank check
11) Google index pages
12) Bing index pages
13) Image Alt tags Check
14) Text/HTML ratio
15) Frames check
16) Flash check
17) Total links on web page
18) Google Analytics Code (Present or not)
19) Google Webmaster Tools (Present or not)
20) Backlink check
21) Social media buttons ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube) check
22) URL check and rewrite (Clean URL or not, Keyword used in URL or not)
23) Page load speed check
24) Internal linking
25) Designing issues check
26) Blog (Present or not)
27) Case sensitive keywords - Format of keywords are similar or not
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You have to use SEOSiteCheckup for audit your site & than implement on-page SEO to optimize it.
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Thanks @loveguruindia for this informative information.
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Follow these three steps:

1. On-Page
- Change meta title: create a title with your best keywords at the start (if your site is not well known yet, leave your site brand name to the end of the title)
- Create a custom description: place a call-to-action in the beginning of the description to enage click through.
- Create Heading tags: place one H1 per page, and some H2 for subheading content (Don't place H2 tags as menus)

2. Off-Page
- List building: create links in authoritative sites by writing guest posts or submitting articles.
- Creates social networks profiles: build your presence in Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3. Technical SEO
- Take of your error codes
- Create XML and HTML sitemaps.

Also, do your keywords research homework.

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