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What steps would you follow to optimize a website?

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Hlo Friends,
What steps would you follow to optimize a website?
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On page:
Keyword research
Meta tags optimization
Content optimization
Site audit
Page speed
Heading tags
Alt text optimization

Off page:
Article submission
Press Release submission
Blog posting
Forum posting

Social media participation
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on page optimization for:
keywords research
meta tag for Title and Description
fresh content
inbound links and outbound links
mobile friendly
website speed
seo audit
H1 tags etc...
Off page optimization:
social bookmarking
forum posting
blogger creation
web 2.0
article submission etc...
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Build links from relevant niche
Add relevant and fresh content
Make your site easy to use
Offer great user experience and make the loading time fast
Alt Attributes For Pictures or Photos
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To optimize website you need following steps to take:

1: Target market analysis
2: Analysis of meta tags and keywords
3: keyword research and development
4: content optimizations
5: Image optimizations
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Target Market Business Analysis and also competitor analysis
Keyword Research and Development
Content Optimization and Submission
Continuous Testing and Measuring
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I will analyze the website. Will check few things:

1. whether the website is new or existing?
2. What is the target market?

Will start with on-page SEO.
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On page Seo:
Keyword research
Competitor analysis
Meta tags optimization
Alt tags optimization
Content optimization
xml Sitemap
Site audit
Heading tags
Page speed

Off page:
Social Bookmarking
Article submission
Press Release submission
Blog posting
Image Sharing
PPT Sharing
Forum posting
PDF Sharing
Video Sharing
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First We have to do On-page SEO than start off-page SEO to increase your website ranking & traffic.
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Just a warning before we start, optimizing your website isn’t really that hard, but it can be long and tedious, so you better be prepared for a ton of work.

Now that we got that out of the way, there are basically just two techniques when it comes to optimization - onpage and offpage.

Onpage SEO refers to the changes you’ll have to make directly on your website, including:
- Researching keywords
- Adding meta tags and title
- Meta descriptions
- Optimizing your images

On the other hand, offpage SEO refers to things like creating backlinks and promotion and some of the most popular offpage techniques include:
- Guest posting and article submission
- Classified ads
- Social media optimization
- Social bookmarks
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On page seo : Creating good quality content with good keyword density with proper Hedline tags and images
Off page seo : creating decent backlinks
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1. Ensure that your technical SEO is in place.
2. Create lots of linkable content
3. Develop strong internal linking
4. Regularly remove toxic backlinks.
5. Be patient.

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